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Entertainer to the Stars!

"A great show,
I really enjoyed it!"
 - Steven Spielberg

"His show was just super!"


                - Richard Dreyfuss

"He was amazing!"
        - Goldie Hawn


"An extremely  entertaining show!"
               -Henry Winkler
"I really enjoyed it, very funny, and charming!"
- Geena Davis
"Very amusing, and clever!"
- John Lithgow
"I hate magic, but that was fun!"
-Amy Irving
"Thank you, that was Great!"
- Kurt Russell
"Wow, that was Great!"
- Debra Winger
"I want to see it again!!"
-Timothy Hutton
"Exactly the show we were hoping for!"
- Susan Groller

"We are proud to offer Jeff

an HBO special."


-Cox Cable

"Nice shoes."


- Martin Hall -VP of Entertainment PCL

(who booked Jeff 465 times)

"I love his show! He always gets them."


- Annette Montanez - Cruise DIrctor HAL

"He was a great choice for our national convention. He brought laughter and joy to everyone."   

                               -David Laughray


"A high energy act that kept us all highly entertained! So happy we were able to get him!"


                                            -Margie B Serio

                                            -USAA Insurance

"He was a huge hit at of our annual conference. He is such a pro! In addition to his mystifying magic he had us all rolling with laughter!"

                -Sylvia Robins

                -National Roofing Contractors Assoc.

"A hysterical comedian in addition to his awesome magic!"


                                    -Robert Johnson

                                    -Farmers Insurance

"Being that funny and working completely clean impressed us all.  

He is an amazing talent!"


                                            -Sylvia B.


"Our all time favorite performer.  We love to bring him back again and again!"


                                            -Robert Wilson


"We've received so many positive comments on his performance, he made me look like a star for having booked him!"


                                            -Ron Walker


"Jeff Peterson made this special event a huge success. His highly entertaining show was appealing to all ages!"


                                            -Bonnie  James


"Everything went so smootly and was a huge success thanks to Jeff's profesionalism and amazing talent."


                                            -Jason Kenner


" Jeff's show is highly entertaining, funny and amazing at the same time!"


                                            -Jayne Sims


"A high energy, riveting show that kept us all enthralled!"


                                            -Jeanne Johnson


"Jeff's riviting magic combined with his hysterical comedy and unique patter targeting our group, made this years conference a Mega Hit!"



"Jeff Who?"

                                            -Jim Wiatt

William Morris CEO


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