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Corporate Shows

Engage your audience with unforgettable comedy & magic!



Jeff helps event and meeting planners create productive, impactful events that are never dry and boring. He captures your audience's attention with high energy comedy, engaging their mind with his astounding magic, and, if you choose, even incorporating your message in the performance. You're guaranteed an effective, memorable and entertaining presentation everyone will love.

This show features lots of comedy, hilarious audience participation, and Jeff's show stealing Magic Dog - Indy. 


Make Your Booth Memorable

Your booth is expected to be productive, impactful and educational, not boring and empty. Jeff captures your attendee’s attention with his high energy comedy, engaging their mind with his lighthearted comedy & astounding magic all the while incorporating your message in the performance, you’re guaranteed an effective, memorable and entertaining product presentation everyone will love.

Imagine attendees stopping in their tracks in front of your booth. Then, by incorporating YOUR ideas in his script, Jeff gets your message across without the audience realizing it! 

Trade show booth entertainment isn’t just about putting on a good show, content is king, and Jeffs’ customized performances will make your product extremely memorable for the attendees and profitable for YOU.


Pleasing crowds of all sizes.

Whether you're looking for a formal performance, or informal strolling close up magic, Jeffs' unique blend of amazing magic and hilarious clean humor is guaranteed to delight your friends and family.  Whether it's for the prospective clients in your hospitality suite or a large reception, Jeff has a program perfect for your event.

Close-up Magic

Strolling Magic


Jeff seamlessly blends into your party or convention suite, gracefully introducing himself to small groups as they chat, sharing laughter and amazing magic up close right before their eyes, then leaving them a few minutes later to marvel at the show that came to them.

He's also infinitely adaptable, gauging interest level and changing the show on the spot to fit the guests he's performing for.

Cruise Ships

Working Cruises




Cruise lines often try out new acts giving them a couple of cruises on different ships. 

When the act fails to win over the discerning cruise guests, the line does not re-hire the act, but the act now has a cruise ship "credit" to add to their resume. Don't be fooled!  Jeff Peterson is a cruise line favorite that has perfected winning over the toughest crowds with his clean comedy & astonishing magic, and has been asked back over and over, performing on over 1,000 cruises around the world. Amazing and amusing guests on the most beautiful ships in the world. From Royal Caribbean's newest & biggest ships, down to the posh yachts of Seabourn, Oceana, and Regent Seven Seas. With over 7,000 days at sea, Jeff has proven above all others to be a favorite cruise line entertainer!

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